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Starry Blue Heat Press Machine for Tumbler

Starry Blue Heat Press Machine for Tumbler

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【All-in-One Tumbler Mug Press】

The tumbler attachment is 10.6" long and ranges in diameter from 2.6"-3.4", fitting most 12-30oz straight sublimation tumblers and glasses, 11-16oz mugs, and more. It only takes 2 minutes to sublimate a full-imaged tumbler or 2 mugs, faster than traditional convection ovens.

【Pressure Adjusting Rulers】

The tumbler press has 2 rulers near the 2 pressure knobs to help adjust the pressure more accurately and evenly. When sublimating, it is vital that the pressure on the glass is equal, so 2 pre-rules can help increase the sublimation success rate by 70%, a unique design from the JESIMAIK brand.

【2 Buckles, Easier Operation】

Built with the 2 buckles on the tumbler machine, they can help you heat press cups more easily. No need to spend great time turning the knob from top to bottom for a small-diameter tumbler after pressing a large-diameter one. You just need to switch to the other buckle and then slightly adjust.

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