Quick Start Guide for your new machine!

How to

How to start machine?

1. Connect the power cord to the main controller.

2. Plug in power and turn on the machine.

3. Set a temperature and couting time.

4. Wait until the machine heats up to the set temperature.

5. Heat press the cap, and press the "ENTER" to start couting.

6. Press hard and slighty move left and right until the timer alarms.

How to set temperature and time?

1.Plug in power and turn on the machine, press the "SET" button once and "SP" shows on the digital panel, which means it's in temperature setting mode. Press the "△” and "△”button to adjust the temperature.

2.And press the "SET" button once again, "ST" shows on the screen, which means it's in time  setting mode. Press the "△” button to adjust the countdown time.

3.Long press the "SET" button for 3s to save the setting and exit setting state.