How to use JM-H01 Hat Press?Take a look at how people uses it.

Why Make Custom Hats with a Hat Heat Press

First of all, the most obvious thing is that it is really simple. With all the materials, hot pressing can be completed in 10 seconds. Basically, effectively fix the hat, place the material you want to transfer or heat press, open and operate the heat press and you're done. Anyone can do it.

Whether you want to start your small business? Still want to make an exclusive gift on a special day. Making your own hat will be a good choice. A small investment can lead to new business opportunities.

And compared with traditional heat presses, Jesimaik's JM-H01 does not require much space, just about the size of a toaster.

Come see how JE'BELLE SHEEK and Karen Baskett DIYer use products to complete their creations.

How to make the effect better?

Although the product is designed to be easy to use. But there are some tips to make the hat more effective.

1. Choice of hat. Since we are a heat-pressed product, the hat material you need to choose is heat resistant. Avoid burning marks on the hat fabric after heat pressing.

2. When fixing the hat to the hat form. It is recommended to remove the cardboard insert from the inside of the hat. And then fold the hat’s sweatband outward.

3. Preheat the hat in advance. Before actually attaching the pattern to the hat, lightly iron the hat fabric to make the hat fabric more compliant. After attaching the pattern, the success rate will be higher.

4. Try to keep the part of the hat that needs to be heat pressed flat and close to the base. For hats that are easily deformed, consider using small clips to help fix them. If it still feels a little empty after being fixed, consider simply filling it with discarded fabric or towels. Or add some pressure while pressing.

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