Black Friday Deals Up to 31% Off on Amazon

The 2023 Black Friday event is already in full swing. The Black Friday event notified by Amazon’s official website will start on November 17, 2023.

Following the pace of Amazon, Jesimaik's official website synchronized with Amazon brand stores and also launched the lowest discount price this year.

These deals won't be around forever! Whether you're helping Father Christmas to get his presents sorted before the big day, or you're looking to treat yourself to a fantastic machine that will help you make gifts, decorations, and even your party outfit, you'll want to make the most of these JESIMAIK Black Friday offers!

Hat Press Machine-Pure series

Currently the most portable hat machine product on the market, it only takes up the space of a tablet when stored. Especially when space is limited and those who want to go out to show their craftsmanship.

Currently you only need $79.99 to take it home. (Original price $129.99)

Tumbler Press Machine-Starry series

The Jesimaik Starry series uses the latest spray painting technology to make the Press Machine itself colorful. At the same time, the balance scale design and double buckle position design can effectively increase the success rate of sublimation by 60%. The coasters are also made of optimal density coasters, which are strong and safe while allowing for more even and sufficient heating, saving time and improving efficiency.

Now is $119.99 for Purple and $114.99 for Blue on Amazon Deal(Original price $199.99)

Is it really useful? See what they say.

Want to know how a product works before purchasing? Take a look at the videos of Joy’s experience with JM-H01 and Barclay‘s experience with JM-T02 on Youtube.

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